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Sayan Oka river rafting and Lake Baikal excursion
Class III-IV rafting down Oka river in Sayan Mountains provides a good dose of adrenalin before an excursion to legendary Lake Baikal.
Rafting the Katun River
Katun is the most popular rafting river in the Alaty. Rafting on the river available to people without special training. Memories of the passage of class 3-4 rapids, taiga, mountains will be remembered for a long time and will brighten up the everyday routine of urban
Upper Katun River Rafting
This route is the same complexity as for Middle Katun, but it lasts longer and takes more deaf taiga areas
Chuya and Katun Rivers Whitewater Rafting
Route Chuya - Katun is designed for those who want more excitement on the alloy, although this route is available to people without special training
Bashaus — Chulishman — Teletskoe Lake
Rafting down Bashkaus River is generally regarding as one of the most difficult whitewater challenge in the Altai region. During high water season the river Bashkaus may certainly become ’advanced’ or even “extreme”.

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