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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Adventure Travel”?
Who participate in tours?
What’s included in tour cost?
…And what’s not included:
How food is organized in our tours?
Who will be our guide?
Are we need some equipment?
Why our tours are so safety
Is it possible to develop an individual route or a private tour?
General conditions for booking places in group
Dates of tours and times of Travel
Number of tourists in the group

What “Adventure Travel” means?

Adventure tourism — a combination of leisure (rafting, trekking, cycling), extensive excursion programs and excellent service on routes. There is an entire adventure tourism industry- Adventure Travel. This specific requirements for organizing tours and safety, Clothing, equipment, food. In fact, it is a separate layer of the tourist business.

Who participate in tours?

People of different ages participate in our travels. You can come alone, together with a group of friends with the family. There is always the company’s interest. In these trips there is always a spirit of friendliness and mutual understanding. Many people later rewritten, ride together to travel again. Usual size of a group — from 6 to 15 people.

What’s included in tour cost?

Team Gorky guides support
Accommodation in hotels and camping
rental of tents and sleeping bags
necessary field equipment
meals on the route (according to the program)
all transfers (acc. to the program)
excursions (acc. to the program)
local guides support

… and what we usually not include

International flights and flights to the starting point of the route (Moscow-Barnaul and back for example)
Meals not provided in the tour program,
Airport fees,
Any personal expenses (drinks, souvenirs, etc.)
tipped staff

You can check the detailed program of the tour for more information. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or by phone (8312) 789-404.

How food is organized in our tours?

you have a fantastic opportunity to discover a variety of ethnic dishes, while you are traveling to different countries. Empanadas, chutney, risotto, calzone, ossobuco — the names of some salivate excessively. And will you be scared to try the heart of a cobra, drinking a glass of rice vodka?
Stopping in cities, we’re having dinner at a cozy restaurant and enjoy a variety of tempting local dishes. It is good that tour program have a lot of active days, otherwise you would have added a few extra pounds!
Even in field conditions you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the catering. No need to take food with them, believe me — you have enough, and still remain. Food is prepared guides on routes or special cook. We know how to cook. Almost never use the canned foods. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, fruit and vegetable salads, meat, chicken, soups, spaghetti, steamed vegetables — here’s an example of a typical menu in the Altai tour. Be sure all food in our tours will be delicious, healthy and useful.
We will try to fulfill all your wishes, and if you follow a special diet, please inform us in advance

And who will be our guide?

All of the above makes no sense without a major — guides. Your travel leaders — a link between you and the other cultures, countries, the key to an unforgettable experience. You will learn more than from any guidebook from them. They have no equal in competence, the enthusiasm, knowledge, language, local customs and culture.

“Team Gorky” has its own system of guides training and selection. Guides from different cities (Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Moscow, Barnaul, Irkutsk, and, of course, Nizhny Novgorod) works with us in summer season. Travel leaders are always “Team Gorky” workers or people, who received our school training in Nizhny Novgorod.

In Russia tours we usually have one guide for 4-5 clients. It depends on complexity of route and group composition. Guides controls rafts on the alloys, walks nearby in mountains, rides on the bicycles. They assemble and disassemble all equipment, helps you to put up a tent, they prepare meals, wash dishes. Everything is done for our customers! But we teach others to respect us, our work and “Team Gorky” company.

We make foreign tours with local partners. And we always choose them carefully. Our guide escorts group. He knows practically everything about country, languages, route; service control and possible wishes realization are his tasks.

You can know some more about our team…

Are we need some equipment in our trip?

You don’t need to have some specified equipment for our trips – we will provide everything that you’ll need: tents, sleeping-bags, allow vehicles (rafts, kayaks etc.), dry bags for water trips, awnings, raincoats, dishes and campfire implements, folding tables, handheld coolers for food.

We tried to use the equipment, allowing to obtain the greatest possible comfort. You can live in a tent alone, with someone, with your family. In any weather you will be comfortable.

All you need are comfortable clothes and footwear. Also you might have your own sleeping-bag if you want it. And you will receive a recommended clothes list for each tour on demand.

No spoons, no forks – we provide all necessary cooking battery)

Why our tours are so safety

Safety – is a very important component of adventure travel tours. It also entrust on our guides and team-leaders. Members of our team annually pass first-aid courses, have an exercises in winter, participate in competitions to have a good shape. Usually groups escorted tour guides in kayaks in addition to rafters during the allows.

Route guides have VHF radios and satellite phone for emergency communications on the routes

Is it possible to develop an individual route or a private tour?

If you are a group of like-minded people who want more adventure, more adrenaline, and have prior experience — call us, we also organize such trips. This is just more complex tours, requiring some training.

Please contact us by email or by phone (8312) 789-404 with any questions.

General conditions for booking places in group

• the provisional application may be made by phone, fax, e-mail. After filing a provisional application you will be included in the list of participants of the tour, we will send all required information on the tour to You;
• if you have not made a deposit within the specified period, the company may cancel your order;
• place on the tour is booked after making the deposit amount is specified in the tour description. in this case you will be entered into a contract;
• full payment must be made not later than the date specified in the tour description. You will receive a voucher and a detailed coherent program of tour;
• company may cancel your order if you have not produced a full payment of the tour within the specified period after the deposit;
• If you are applying to participate in the round within the time of full payment, participation is possible with availability in the group. After confirming the ability to participate in the tour, place is booked after full payment of the tour price.

Dates of tours and times of Travel

The exact start date specified for each tour. And there is a time period when the weather conditions are the most favorable. If you have a team or you want to travel individually – you can select a convenient time during these periods. We’ll try to accommodate your requests for changes / additions to programs.

Tour dates can vary a bit according to possible changes in scheduling flights.

Number of tourists in the group

• tour cost is based on a minimum number of tourists in the group;
• if the minimum required number of tourists has not achieved, then the firm can either cancel the tour or offer an equivalent replacement, or change the price of the tour, while on the tourists’ request him to return all paid to date amount;
• Company is obliged to inform tourists about all developments related to the shortage of the group, not later than the date of full payment, as described in the tour;
• after the deadline change in the number of members does not affect the program and the cost of tours.

These conditions are not related to the force major

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