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Trekking and rafting in Sayan mountains

The Eastern Sayan Mountains (located in the southwestern part of the Buryat Republic)

The Eastern Sayan Mountain Range stretches across 800 km from the southern extremity of Lake Baikal to the Yenisei River in the Northwest. Deeply incised valleys separated by mountain ridges and low-level saddle-shaped passes characterize this extensive and fascinating mountain system. The majority of the passes can be traversed on footpaths, allowing you to hike from one river basin to another.

Volcano Valley.

This unique valley is famous for its relicts of volcanic activity. The most recent lava outflow from cracks and volcanic craters dates back to 8000 years. The largest and best preserved craters among them are volcano Peretolchina (2044 masl) and volcano Kropotkina (2074 masl). The main lava flow went down the Valley of the Zhombolok Riveras far as to its confluence with the Oka River.

The Hot Springs of Khoyko-Gol – emerge on the banks of a brook flowing into theKhoyko-GolRiver. Here you can find around 10 springs with water temperatures between +29 and +33 degrees Celsius. The water is predominately enriched with sodium but also contains hydro-carbonate and sodium-calcium compounds. The main mineral spring can be enjoyed in a bathtub, which is located in a wooden cabin. Furthermore, several larger buildings have been constructed for visitors in the area of thehot springs. Here, there is also a footpath leading over a pass to Volcano Valley.


Day 1. Arrive Irkutsk city — Orlik village (500 km)

Meeting in Irkusk. Going to beginning of the route. Beautiful views at Baikal, Tunkinskaya valley with mineral springs on the way. Sttoping near holy places. There Buryats worship to local ghosts. We will see «Nuhu-Daban» waterfall, Irkut river coomb, Munku-Sardyk peak (highest peak of East Sayan). Going along Oka river. Arriving to Orlyk village. Overnight in tented camp.

Day 2. Drive along bad road by army six-wheeler (85 km). Going along small river “Senca” and wading small rivers. Going further to Hoito-Gol borough. Overnight ight in tents.

Day 3. Day spending at thehot springs

Hoito-Gol hashot springsand baths! Hiking for acclimatization (15 km around trip). Visit lakes and beautiful waterfall (40 m). Overnight in tents.

Day 4. Trek to Volcano Valley (20 km)

Overcoming pass (2350 m) and coming down to valley. View at Volcano Valleyand first Peretolchin volcano is opened in hour and a half. (All valley and conduit of volkano are viewing from it peak). Camping near the foot of volcano.

Day 5. All day in Volcano Valley.

Walking along Lava fields to Kropotkin volkano, Staryi (Old) volkano consisting of three ruinous and joining cones, air view peak and mountain lake in the end of the valley. Dinner. Overnight in tents.

Day 6. Trekking back to Hoito-Gol springs (20 km)

Coming back to springs and relaxation! Bathing inhot springs. Thanking for successful travel to “Bolshoi Burhan” (holy place). Giving traditonal gifts.

Day 7.

Drive 85 km to Orlik village by Ural track.

Overnight in tents on the bank of Oka river.

Day 8. Preparation for rafting. Start of rafting down the Sayan Oka river.

Days 9-10. Rafting down Sayan Oka River (class 3-4).

Day 11. A day of rest. Trekking to the mountains, fishing, sauna.

Days 12-13. Rafting down the river. Rapids class 2-4.

Day 14. End of rafting. Take out near the village of Verkhne-Okinsky. Drive by bus to Listvianka village on Baikal Lake. Hotel accommodation.

Day 15. All day in Listvianka. Walk along Baikal shore. Visint Baikal museum. Visit fish market. Lunch. Drive to Irkutsk with stop on the way for sightseeing the museum of local architecture. Accommodation in hotel “Europe”.

Day 16. Departure Inrkutsk.

The cost: On request

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