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Shantar Islands fishing
Fishing is diverse here. Goldilocks, East Siberian char, trout, rudd can be found in the rivers of islands. a large number of salmon comes here to spawn. You can catch the marine gobies intimidating appearance, perch, cod, flounder, halibut, crab in coastal waters
Flyfishing and rafting at Ust’-Viluisky National Park, Yakutia
Lyampushka possesses an almost untouched herd of taimens, some of them winter in the deep pits on the bottom of the river and some come here from Lena to sprawn and spend the summer on the quick shallows and deep reaches. A group of 6 fishermen normally catches from 40 to 80 taimens during a week.
Fishing in Evenkia
The rivers and lakes abound in various species of fishes, including rare ones (taimen, white salmon, sturgeon, sterlet) and widespread (pike, grayling, sig, loach). The number of fish is greater than the number of inhabitants as there is plenty of fish and few inhabitants.

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